Brazil’s Finest: Parque Nacional da Tijuca

Say that you’ve already seen all the typical tourist attractions in the city, that you have enjoyed the beach and the cocktails, the bodies and bronze; now you are ready to see a different side of Rio de Janeiro. The famous Parque Nacional da Tijuca is the largest urban park in the world, and the perfect place to continue your exploring of the city scape.

Far away from large buildings, polluted air and the ongoing noise of the rest of the city, in Tijuca National Park, you find yourself in absolute silence – the contrast could not be more obivous.

When walking on small trails deep inside the Atlantic forest (mata atlântica), passing over gently splashing streams and hearing birds chirp, you will experience the natural beauty and diversity Brazil is so famous for. You delve deeper into the forest, where you cannot help but feel your body fill with admiration and appreciation for this natural wonder. After being constantly surrounded by people at the likes of Copcacabana, the Parque Nacional da Tijuca offers you the privacy that you’ve longed for.

General Information:

Opening Hours: Every day from 08:00-17:00 (18:00 in the Brazilian summer)
Phone number: (021) 24922252/24922253

Hiking Tours:

You would like to get the full Atlantic forest experience, but feel uncomfortable going by yourself? Book an exciting hiking tour with the company Rio Hiking and enjoy the view over Rio at the 3300-ft high summit. For more information please visit

How to get to Alto da Boa Vista (main entrance) from Casa579:

Walking: Walk to Christ the Redeemer and from there walk straight into the forest.
Bus: Take the 007 to the last stop, Central, then walk to Avenida Presidente Vargas, heading to the right until the bus stop. From there take any bus (301, 333, 308, 309, 345) that goes to Alto da Boa Vista.
Metro: Take the metro Zona Norte to the last stop, Saens Pena. From there take the bus 345 or 355 to Alto da Boa Vista.



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